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Dr. Ashok Prajapati 

Vice Chairman at IEEE Computer Society, USA

I was truly amazed to hear his outstanding capabilities in cyber security at such a young age. In best of my knowledge, even many professionals do not have level of expertise Gautam has. The great thing about him is he learns and spreads his knowledge to others in constructive way. His capabilities were well appreciated by India investigation agencies for his contributions in this field and training investigators at large. Gautam, I wish you good luck and hope you grow everyday in this field and help people and nation grow manifold!

 IPS Navdeep Singh Virk

 Additional Director General of Police

I am delighted to note that the efforts made by you in educating the course participants during the course on “Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Security” in simple and professional manner have been extraordinary. I am sure that everyone who takes the courses will be benefited. I wish you all the best in future and look forward to your continued support and co-operation.

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